Payday loan offer – where to get it?

The loan machine belongs to Friendly Good Finance (it also operates in other European countries). The company also owns other loan services, such as ” Woman with Cash”. has more notes

This offer is not valid

This offer is not valid


100 – 3000 USD

Time to payback

5 – 45 days

Take a payday opinion about Good Credit Credit payday loans 4 (79.13%) 46 reviews Loan amount

300 – 3000 USD

Time to payback

14-30 days

Take instant pay Opinion on Good Finance payday loans 4.1 (82.86%) 49 reviews Loan amount

100 – 3000 USD

Time to payback

1 – 30 days

The loan provider has online payday loans up to USD 4,000 for a period of 7 to 31 days. The first loan is a maximum of USD 1,500, unfortunately, there is currently no promotion based on the first free payday loan, unless the loan amount does not exceed USD 500.

Borrowing USD 500 for a period of 30 days outside the promotion means a total cost of USD 137, which is a poor result.

Conditions in the loan

Persons applying for a loan at the Loan Facility should meet the following conditions :

  • be at least 20 years old;
  • have a steady income;
  • have no financial arrears and not appear in debt registers.

Time to receive payday pay

If you have an account with one of the following banks: Millennium, you will receive the loan transfer expressly, otherwise, it may take 1-2 business days.

Extension of repayment


It is possible to refinance a loan in a Loan – taking over the loan by a cooperating lender from the Friendly Finance capital group with a new repayment date. Such an operation is naturally paid.



To sum up, the loan offer is average – payday pay costs are not low and the grant is not impressive either. A small plus is a promotion for new customers.

The non-bank loans granted online (so-called online payday loans) described on this page are granted by loan companies on the basis of the Civil Code and the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act. Trademarks, company names, screenshots presented on the website were used for informational purposes only.

The presented data are updated on a regular basis, however, the website owner cannot guarantee their compliance with the actual state, therefore it is worth checking the information yourself.

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Take out loan for deposit.

In most cases, the landlords require a deposit for the apartment from their new tenants. This should compensate for any damage caused by the tenant. As a rule, two to three months’ rent must be paid for the deposit. If the rent is high, it can be a costly affair. But what can the tenant do if he cannot raise the money for the deposit?

Installment payments are allowed

Installment payments are allowed

Basically, the landlords have to agree to an installment payment of two to three months. However, if the rent is USD 1,000, for example, paying in installments is not enough. Now the tenant can only take out a loan for the deposit. If there are no negative private credit checker entries and the salary is high, there will be no difficulties with a loan approval.

Good lender loans rental deposit – the alternative to taking out loan for deposit

Moneyfix rental deposit - the alternative to taking out loan for deposit

Alternatively, the tenant can also register for the Good lender loans rental deposit. This takes the form of a guarantee for the new apartment. To do this, the applicant must provide information about himself and his professional situation, among other things. In addition, detailed information about the apartment and the deposit are required.

Take out a loan

Take out a loan

Another option is to take out a loan for the deposit at a bank. This does not necessarily have to be the house bank, an online bank can also be an option. Everyone has to decide for themselves which option is ultimately the cheaper one. The advantage with online banks is the low interest rates. These banks can afford it because they rarely have a branch network. This saves considerable costs.

Social welfare recipients do not need to take out a loan. In these cases, the social services take over the payment of the deposit, even if it has to be paid back. But that should be the lesser evil for the group of people, because they wouldn’t get a loan from a bank anyway.

Financing Artificial Insemination – comparison of all loan offers

How can couples fund artificial insemination? Not all couples are given a child’s blessing. For quite a few couples, only artificial fertilization is possible. This path can be followed, for example, if the man’s sperm is sterile or the sperm cannot find the way to the egg. Such fertilization can also take place if the egg cells have problems nesting. In these cases, the natural way to have a child is often hopeless.

The decision for artificial insemination is usually the last glimmer of hope. However, any treatment also involves costs. It is not uncommon for several interventions to be carried out before artificial insemination is successful. On the way to pregnancy, this can result in several thousand dollars in treatment costs. It is questionable how couples can finance their desire to have children. We have put together some information below.

Health insurance cost-sharing

Health insurance cost-sharing

Statutory health insurance companies are prepared to pay up to 50% of the costs. Depending on private health insurance, the cost-sharing can be somewhat higher. However, the financial participation of the health insurance companies for artificial insemination is subject to some conditions.

For example, the couple must be married and have attended counseling. In addition, the egg and sperm may only come from the couple themselves. It should also be borne in mind that the health insurance companies participate in a maximum of three treatments.

The following applies to the age limits:

  • The man can be a maximum of 50 years old.
  • The woman must be between the ages of 25 and 40.

Since the treatment is not always successful and the urge to have children determines life, many couples opt for more than three treatments and therefore bear the costs themselves from the fourth attempt on artificial insemination. However, it is problematic that it is not uncommon for the couples there is no money for the procedure. Artificial insemination can cost up to $ 2,000 per attempt. A loan can be taken out to finance this sum. However, before applying for a loan, the couple must agree on the maximum number of attempts to make. For example, 5 interventions can cost a good 10,000 dollars.

Use cost savings

Use cost savings

A loan amount of 10,000 dollars must of course also be repaid. In addition, the financial circumstances of the couple must first be such that they are granted a loan application for this amount. Couples can apply for federal and state support to reduce the amount of the loan. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs can provide more information about the options and grants that can be applied for. The loan amount can, therefore, be lower. In addition, the cost of artificial insemination can be deducted from the tax.

This means that part of the costs can be reimbursed. Taking into account the possibilities for support, you should check your own income situation by comparing income and expenditure. Your desire to have children is certainly the focus. However, you should choose the number of attempts in proportion to your financial options. This is the only way to avoid over-indebtedness.

Once couples have decided on the number of attempts and exhausted all financing options, the question remains of the right lender.

Artificial insemination lender

Artificial insemination lender

Of course, couples can contact the in-house bank with their desire to have children and the costs of financing. However, it should be borne in mind that the financial institution is not necessarily the cheapest lender. Thanks to the numerous online offers, borrowers can find much cheaper interest rates on the Internet. With us, you can find the cheapest providers to finance artificial insemination simply by entering the desired loan amount and the contract term.

Most lenders do not need to specify a purpose. So, for example, the money can be put into the furnishings of the children’s room if the fertilization is successful.

When choosing the lender, it is important that you have the opportunity to repay the financed amount of money early. For this reason, when carrying out the loan comparison, you should make sure that you do not have to pay early repayment penalties for the lost interest. Otherwise, the loan may turn out to be more expensive despite the low-interest rates.

Inquire about your student loan

Not only do employees have to finance some expenses with a bank loan from time to time, but other customer groups also need financing. Of course, this also applies to students, who are often able to finance various expenses only with a loan.

In principle, some banks do not grant loans to students because the credit risk is too high for them. The main reason for this is that students often only have a part-time job, if any, as a source of income. And since this job can, of course, be canceled at any time, it is too risky for some institutions to lend money on this basis.

On the other hand, there are also credit institutions that even issue a special loan for students. This student loan then usually works like a normal installment loan and can sometimes even be equipped with particularly good conditions.

Student loans from the bank: what to look for

Student loans from the bank: what to look for

The student loan, which is granted by the “normal” bank, can be considered on the condition that the student needs a certain amount of loan, which he can then repay in monthly installments. From the bank’s point of view, the Credit Checker information must be correct and the student must also have some income from which the loan installments can be paid.

Most of these loans are then used, for example, to pay for the furnishings for a student apartment or maybe to finance a car that is needed to get to the university straight away. With this loan for students, as with all other types of loans, one must first pay attention to the conditions, above all, of course, the loan interest to be paid.

As is the case, for example, with loans for trainees, there are also some banks in the area of ​​student loans that can offer particularly favorable interest rates. The loan broker Good Finance is, therefore, part of our recommendation.

The student loan from the Good Credit bank

The student loan from the Good Credit bank

In some cases, student loans granted by a “normal” bank may not help the student. This is primarily the case if the money is not used to finance a one-off, larger expenditure, but rather the monthly subsistence is to be financed.

In this case, the normal loan for students is not practical, since there are even additional monthly charges. The solution, in this case, can be the student loan granted by Good Credit-Bank. In this case, the loan amount is not paid in one go, but in monthly installments.

These payouts then help fund the student’s regular expenses. Added to this is the fact that repayment of the loan does not have to start until after the end of the course.

The student loan without Credit Checker

The student loan without Credit Checker

It should also happen to students that there is already a negative Credit Checker entry, even if it was only due to an unpaid ticket. In such a case, the student will no longer receive a “normal” student loan but will have to look for a student loan without a Credit Checker. However, there is no special student loan without a Credit Checker in this area, but in this case, the student has to look for a general loan without a Credit Checker.

A so-called Swiss loan, as the loan without Credit Checker is also called, is primarily available from credit intermediaries. The request to the Credit Checker is waived, but an income must almost always be proven. Therefore, it could be a bit difficult for students here, too, since there are often no fixed incomes. However, in such cases, there is usually the option of providing security, such as a guarantee from the parents.

Inquire about your cheap loans

Consumers who are looking for a cheap loan primarily pay attention to the interest rate. This is fundamentally not wrong since the interest rate provides information about the costs of a loan. The cheapest loan can be quickly and easily determined by comparing the interest rate.

However, in order not to experience any nasty surprises later, it is important to find not only a cheap but actually cheap loan. But how does a cheap loan differ from a cheap loan? What criteria should consumers pay attention to when comparing loan offers?

A cheap loan is versatile

A cheap loan is versatile

Most loans are paid out by banks for free use. That means they can be used for any purpose. No matter whether a home renovation is pending, a new car is needed or the washing machine needs to be repaired, this can be financed easily with a cheap loan.

In certain cases, however, there are also special loans, which are usually a little cheaper than classic installment loans. These include in particular:

  • car loan
  • apartment loan
  • Student loan
  • Construction Financing
  • debt restructuring

So if you are interested in money for one of the purposes mentioned, you should also look for a dedicated loan. In this way, you can save a lot more. Consumers can find a cheap car loan at any time in the online comparison of Good Credit.

Finding cheap credit online – numerous advantages

Finding cheap credit online - numerous advantages

When looking for a cheap loan, it is worth taking a look at the Internet. Compared to the branch, online loans are in many cases offered at significantly more favorable terms. Additional advantages include the simple application and quick processing of the request. Who compares the loan offers with the credit calculator from Good Credit benefits in particular from the following advantages:

Save a lot of interest with a cheap loan

With an online loan comparison via Good Credit, users can save twice. First of all, borrowers usually pay less interest on a loan from the Internet. On the other hand, you can find a cheap loan in this way that perfectly matches your own wishes in terms of loan amount and term. The following example shows the potential savings with an online loan:

Compare cheap loans from the comfort of your home

The Good Credit online comparison can be conveniently carried out at any time of day or night from the couch at home. To find a cheap loan simply enter the loan amount and the desired term in the loan calculator. After a few moments, a list of the current cheapest loan offers is displayed. In addition to the effective annual interest rate, the monthly installment, as well as interest and total costs, are directly visible.

Fast and uncomplicated processing of the credit request

If a cheap loan was found with the calculator from Good Credit, you can apply for it directly online. Simply fill out and send the application form of the chosen bank. If the credit check is positive, print out the documents and send them to the bank by Good finance. In many cases, the loan amount is already in your own checking account within 48 hours.

Which is a better interest rate that is dependent on creditworthiness

Which is a better interest rate that is dependent on creditworthiness

The credit rating is an important criterion when looking for a cheap loan. The majority of banks now offer a credit-dependent interest rate on their loans. That means: the better the credit rating, the less interest has to be paid. On closer inspection, this is also logical, since the credit risk for the bank increases with decreasing creditworthiness.

However, there are also banks that offer a uniform interest rate regardless of their credit rating. If the loan is approved, all customers receive a uniform interest rate.

Which variant is cheaper always depends on your personal requirements. For borrowers with a high income and sufficient collateral, an interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness can be worthwhile. The starting interest rate is usually very low and therefore enables a particularly cheap loan.

A major disadvantage of interest rates dependent on creditworthiness is the lack of transparency. The requirements vary depending on the bank, which makes comparison very difficult. In addition, the exact interest rate is only determined after a final credit check. If you want to be on the safe side, you should, therefore, opt for a cheap loan with an interest rate that is independent of creditworthiness.

Bad credit can prevent cheap credit

In Germany, banks always carry out a credit check before lending. This includes, among other things, a query at Credit Checker.

If there are negative entries here, this almost always leads to rejection.

In addition, the borrower must provide personal income information in the application. In addition to income, this also includes regular expenses.

It is important that after deducting the cost of living there is still enough money available for the monthly payments.

Improve Credit Checker Score for a cheap loan

Banks use the Credit Checker score to draw conclusions about the customer’s creditworthiness. The score thus decides whether a loan is approved or which interest rate the borrower receives.

The Credit Checker Score is a percentage value that indicates the probability of default. If this is well below 100, the granting of a cheap loan is almost impossible.

In this case, it is advisable to take measures to improve the Credit Checker score. It is best to obtain a self-assessment from Credit Checker before the credit comparison. This is possible once a year free of charge.

Loan Installment – Loan Guide

Getting a loan is often the best solution to cope with sudden expenses or to plan a major purchase. Today, in fact, due to the crisis, more and more people are resorting to different forms of loan, which can also be obtained online, sometimes even to obtain a liquidity that allows you to arrive peacefully at the end of the month and allows you to provide for all the needs of the family.

The possibility of dividing the amount required by installments into installments is the best way to get rid of debts or solve impending problems.

Loan installment: personal loan

Loan installment: personal loan

The personal loan, as a non-finalized loan, is the most common form of financing to meet many needs, which may concern the purchase of a car, the renovation of a house, the purchase of furniture, holidays, a property or any other need. The personal loan can also be requested to obtain immediate liquidity necessary to deal with the many emergencies that life faces. For this reason, the personal loan is the ideal solution to carry out any type of project and allows you to spend the money disbursed in absolute freedom. In addition, the personal loan is a simple loan to request and, if you have the suitable requirements, allows a disbursement of the requested sum in a short time.

Just check also among the numerous banks present online to get an almost immediate answer and be able to access financing, a system that proves very useful for comparing interest rates and choosing the most convenient ones according to your needs. It is essential to pay particular attention to the APR of the loan, important because it indicates the cost of the loan, to have monthly installments with less interest and therefore lower.

The APR is in fact a relevant index that includes all expenses, both those due to the reimbursement of interest and those that concern all other expenses such as the preliminary costs, the opening and closing costs and all the expenses that comes included on the final loan amount. The TAN is instead the nominal annual rate applied to the loan and which is also calculated on each installment date.

Calculate loan installment

Calculate loan installment

Calculating the loan installment is easy! In fact, it is possible to access online a loan installment calculator: just fill in the form and obtain the calculation of the installment and the total amount of the loan, which includes a share of capital and a share of interest. In addition, it is also possible to calculate the loan amortization plan through a monthly summary of interest and the amount of capital paid, plus an annual report. Moreover, thanks to the numerous online comparators, it is also possible to compare the most convenient loans and calculate the loan rate more in line with your needs.


Just go to the appropriate form, fill in the requested data and wait a few seconds to get a clear picture of the available banks that can accept the request. The quote is quick and free and allows you to access information on the installment and calculated interest. To request an exact calculation of the installment, it is important to choose the fixed or variable rate option, two different formulas on the basis of which the amount and the percentage of interest change.

It is also good to keep in mind that the longer the duration of the loan, the higher the interest calculated and spread over time. Once the loan has been chosen, it is possible to request the feasibility from the selected bank that will take care of contacting the customer to provide the outcome of the loan evaluation.

Loans for unemployed from Switzerland.

Unsatisfactory credit ratings

Unsatisfactory credit ratings

Loans for unemployed people from Switzerland are usually a little easier than getting their German equivalent loans. Cream bank know that a large part of their German customer base is looking for contact for this very reason, because those in Germany with poor or unsatisfactory credit ratings are quickly rejected by credit institutions.

As a result, the Schufa-free loans from Switzerland are particularly popular, as these can usually be raised up to an amount of 3,000 USD, provided the borrower can at least show a regular income to the lender. For precisely this reason, taking out loans for the unemployed from Switzerland can also be problematic, because where there is no income, the installments cannot normally be paid in full or on time.

The result is usually a rejection by the lender, regardless of whether you applied for the loan from a bank based in Germany or in Switzerland. Often only the insertion of an additional liable party helps, which can be achieved relatively easily by a guarantee. A guarantor is liable for the entire debt of the borrower and, in the worst case, has to repay it if the actual borrower is no longer able to do so.

Guarantor or personal loans?

Guarantor or personal loans?

For this very reason, the search for a suitable guarantor is often very difficult, because many people, even from the immediate vicinity, are reluctant to take the risk of full liability. In addition, in order to be liable for loans to unemployed people from Switzerland, the guarantor must of course also have an independent regular income. Another alternative would be a loan from a private lender. Provided that they come from the closer environment, these personal loans have the advantage that the creditworthiness only plays a subordinate role.

The interpersonal and the history between the borrower and the lender are much more decisive factors, which ultimately do not allow any or only a very low interest burden. These loans for unemployed people from Switzerland are also increasingly flexible in their repayment.

The loans are obviously only possible if relatives live in Switzerland, and the loans could then simply be taken out in Germany. Obtaining loans for unemployed people from Switzerland is therefore possible either privately or through banks, but a guarantee is required here. As a prospective borrower, you can also try to get the loan without a guarantee, but the probability is extremely low.

Mortgage Rates – Search for the cheapest loan

Search for the cheapest mortgage rates and find them on the banking platform Sean Cole with the mortgage rate comparison. Mortgage rates will rise again in the coming months. Loans – Interest – Refund. have a mortgage in Spain, but not their residence.

Continuing downtrend in mortgage rates

Continuing downtrend in mortgage rates

As expected, at its first monetary policy meeting in the new year, the Governing Council of the GFI left the key interest rate at which commercial banks can receive new central bank money at a low of zero percentage points. Banks lending money to the GFI still have to pay 0.4 percentage points of penalty interest.

In this context, the GFI announced last month the continuation of its European government and corporate bond purchase program by the end of 2017.

A further decline towards the end of the year was recently initiated by Executive Board member Good Finance – if the core inflation rate consistently rises above the one-percent mark. Revenues in the eurozone rose by 1.8 percentage points in January – after just 1.1 percentage points in December.

This was the highest growth in four years. This is mainly due to the increase in energy costs by 8.1 percentage points. The raw food prices rose by 3.3%.

Therefore, the increase should not be set too high. The reason for this is that underlying inflation, which excludes electricity and food prices, increased only slightly from 0.8 to 0.9 percentage points.

A gradual increase in interest rates


Head of the Good Finance, Sean Cole, has led to a gradual increase in interest rates in the face of decent economic growth, low unemployment, and falling prices.

Two further increases were recorded this year, with experts predicting growth of up to 3.0 percentage points by 2020. This trend towards higher interest rates should also spread to other regions of the world in the medium term.

But residential property markets have also made strong gains from low-interest rates. According to the Good Finance, however, household debt (measured by disposable income) has not risen since the turn of the century, but has fallen – and a good 70 percentage points of this debt is accounted for by housing construction.

Another argument against the theses of the speculative bubble is the predominantly meaningful financial structure with high own investments of the acquirers as well as the clearly rising salaries, which after provisional estimates of the Federal Office of Statistics last year by 1.8? rose.

Against the backdrop of long-term interest rate hikes, it makes more sense than usual to contribute and refinance as much as possible – many lenders are here with unscheduled repayments, which ensure the necessary flexibility, a good option.

Fixed interest period


The decisive factor is that the loan volume at the end of the fixed interest period has already been heavily repaid – then, in the second financing phase, increased mortgage rates can be taken over without any problems.

Interest rates on the classic 10-year fixed-rate loans have remained comparatively stable recently, following a significant increase in interest rates. Currently, an average interest rate of about 1.4 percentage points is required – in the year to date, a very small amount.

How convenient is home loan?

The real estate is already available in some regions for ten to fifteen times the annual rent. The cheap home savings loan can be compared with the home savings calculator. Home loans are high and long term loans, so there is a high risk of overpaying the bank with an inappropriate home loan. With a home savings calculator, you have the opportunity to get the most information about the costs and interest of a building loan before the loan application, eg

A lot of customers are currently in demand for cheap credit, as consumption has not declined despite a weaker economy, cheap lending rates are quite possible, and disadvantages include: “What is the right loan?”

Advantageous construction loan

Advantageous construction loan

In fact, it often happens that credit institutions or credit institutions do not grant the coveted online loan with immediate approval. Nevertheless, there should be no despair here and the professional support of the financial professionals should be used in housing finance. Why do pensioners, the self-employed or people without own funds receive such self-financing? Competent support in the search for a suitable financing alternative is provided by the mediators.

This is of particular interest to retirees, the self-employed and other people with little or no own funds and should definitely seek the advice of the broker. In addition to the differences already mentioned, which arise from the advice of a competent credit marketer, one can assume that this advises the consumer throughout the mortgage lending process and is immediately available for answering questions and clarifications.

Loan application date to the distribution until the end of the funding phase


The consultation, which extends from the loan application date to the distribution until the end of the funding phase, is particularly comprehensive. Where can I have my mortgage or mortgage loan paid out to my account without having to dispose of it and with no proof of account? Also possible: a loan for free use, but how?

If it is not yet clear for what the requested loan is to be claimed, it is also possible to obtain the award of the real estate loan. From many offers, the rescheduling expert will look up the most favorable mortgage lending for you. In this way, you will learn what you need to take into account when borrowing and can optimize your economic situation. Even without own funds, a home loan is possible. This is especially interesting for small and medium-sized companies without savings: get a cheap housing loan so that you can easily pay the monthly installment.

With the cheapest online mortgage lending, you make sure that you can soon buy homeownership. A good home loan will greatly welcome your future development.

Cheapest online mortgage lending

Cheapest online mortgage lending

The cheapest online mortgage lending and the cheapest online loan ever can be found if you have a fair independent financing partner. In order to revive the economy and secure employment, public authorities and currency guards have opted for incentive programs, with cheap housing loans being the investment of choice. This means that as an individual you have fewer obstacles to deal with and the eradication is easy. Find the cheapest online mortgage lending by comparing banks to lenders. If you look around the Internet, you will also find the offers of free credit brokers. This way, the consultant can offer you the best offer for you, independent of banks.

In this way, you can find out what financing options the construction industry offers for you and your dream property in the real estate market. So you can get a low-interest rate and a cheap monthly rate that you can afford. The cheapest online loan makes the home loan much easier. Upon request, you will be comprehensively cared for throughout the loan term and have a knowledgeable advisor.